Services we are currently offering

Feasibility Studies: Magnetic recycling

  • Analysis of the chemical composition of your products, including for example the analysis of the alloy as well as the individual components
  • Extraction, demagnetization and purification of magnets from your products
  • Development of customized extraction methods adapted to your products
  • Execution of magnet and powder analyses
  • HPMS process from magnet to powder and investigation of the reaction behavior of the magnets & coating under the influence of hydrogen.
  • Post-treatment of the "HPMS powder"

Our vision for the future

In the future, we would like to offer our customers additional services that include:

Powder and Magnetproduction

  • Production & coating of sintered and polymer-bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets
  • Production & sale of recyclate magnet powders to other European magnet manufacturers.

Consulting and Licensing

  • Advising of clients on the implementation of ethical supply chains
  • Consulting & classification of magnet-containing products
  • Consulting on localized dismantling projects, and licensing of IP-protected recycling processes, in particular the HPMS process

Component disassembly and magnet extraction

  • Based on successful application development, customized disassembly of customer products is carried out on an industrial scale, both in stationary production and by using local/mobile recycling units