HyProMag und das Recycling von SEM

We offer our customers broad expertise across the entire value chain of magnet recycling. This means that we offer a holistic approach to increase security of supply while reducing export dependency by using rare earths as a secondary resource.

Thus, we are dealing with industrial reprocessing of magnet components containing rare earth elements and produce recycled magnet powder and recycled magnets from scrap magnets.

In order to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly magnets and help companies achieve clean and green value chains we use a patented HPMS process to produce recycled magnet powders in a waste-free metal powder injection molding process. This process has already been awarded with the German Raw Material Efficiency Award.

The HPMS process

The HPMS (Hydrogen Processing of Magnetic Scrap) process is a very efficient recycling process in which sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets disintegrate into a loose, demagnetized, hydrogenated powder when exposed to hydrogen. Coatings, adhesives, screws and other residues can be mechanically separated from the magnetic powder in the process.

In contrast to the chemical or pyrometallurgical routes, HPMS makes it possible to reprocess the extracted materials directly from the Nd-Fe-B alloy, thus creating "shortened" processing routes.  Compared to primary production, the output is increased by 25% as the material is retained as an alloy throughout the recycling process. Increased output simultaneously enables up to 90% energy savings and 98% less human toxicity compared to virgin magnet production.

Effects of the environmentally friendly process

We help secure a stable supply of the most important raw material for the European high-tech industry.

We are a key enabler of a green high-tech economy with massive growth rates.

With unique IP, we contribute to a level playing field for the European high-tech industry.

We are creating a circular economy with 90% less energy consumption and 98% less toxicity.

We create and secure jobs in an ethical supply chain.